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  • Kenneth Leung

    Kenneth Leung

    Data Scientist | Tech Writer | Developer | Pharmacist | Follow for practical educational data science content! | linkedin.com/in/kennethleungty

  • Team AV

    Team AV

    This is the Official Handle of Analytics Vidhya. In case of queries, reach out to us at editor@analyticsvidhya.com

  • Let The Data Confess

    Let The Data Confess

    Understand | Learn | Code | Implement

  • Keith Chen

    Keith Chen

    NFT Artist, Photographer, Runner, Hiker, and World Traveler. Took photos from 50+ cities globally.

  • Ramesh Nelluri

    Ramesh Nelluri

    Data Engineering Architect cherish data and solutions using innovative tech trends and coaches IT aspirants in Programming, Design and Architecture

  • Fahad Manzoor

    Fahad Manzoor

    Simplicity is the key to happiness.. Everyone can reach me on +92 333 888 5955 (WhatsApp) I love to make friends.

  • David Sumpter

    David Sumpter

    Professor of Applied Mathematics. Books: The Ten Equations (2020); Outnumbered (2018); Soccermatics (2016) and Collective Animal Behavior (2010).

  • The AI Educator

    The AI Educator

    The AI Educator teaches young minds about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by producing creative and unique contents.

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