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I recently participated in a Hackathon organised by Analytics Vidya, a data science platform similar to kaggel, based in India. Meantime, I was preparing for my Azure certification. I had limited time in my schedule. Yet, I wanted to participate in this hackathon to get a flavour of hackathon competitions.

To my surprise, with this combination of PyCaret and XGBoost, I managed to get into the top 8%. This article is about how I implemented this combination in five simple steps.

Moreover, this will not only be useful for a data scientist who is exploring the world of data science…

Python virtual environments — you need to keep them separate

Python is one of the popular choices for beginners who want to learn Data Science. Due to its simplified syntax with more emphasis on natural language. Moreover, the demand in many industries for professional that do data science with python compared to other available languages has made it more popular in recent times.

When you start your coding journey, the learning curve can be intimidating. Especially for those who are coming from a non-computer science background. Due to this most of the introductory courses in python for data science, do not stress the importance of virtual environments in python.


Javed Hassan

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